Glitter Shaker 5g

Glitter Shaker
If you’re a sparkle magpie like PaintGlow, you’ll know that the temptation to adorn your face and body in glitter, rhinestones and sequins is pretty damn REAL. Hold it together hun! With PaintGlow’s bestselling Face and Body Glitter Shaker, there are no longer any limitations to your glimmering expectations. Lips, legs, eyes hair- whichever takes your fancy, pack that Glitter on!

Festival Glitter Shaker- shake your way into the festival season
After your all night partying, copious amounts of gin and VERY little sleep- there’s always gonna be a couple festival after effects. Whether that be eye bags as big as your rucksack or roots as greasy as that burger you picked up for brekkie, one things for certain- you’re NOT alone gurrl! But, did you know that PaintGlow’s Face and Body Glitter Shaker doubles as the most sassy under eye and root concealer on the planet?! That’s right, say hello to the festival saviour of the century!

Face and Body Glitter Shaker- but how do I use it?!
Good question! All you’ll need to is dab a small amount of PaintGlow crazy long-lasting Glitter Fix Gel onto the area of the skin you wish to glitter-up, then shake the Loose Glitter Shaker over the fixation glue. Wap that festival glitter under your eyes to rock the metallic boho #GlitterTears trend, or wack your hair into some edgy #SpaceBuns and shake your loose glitter all over your dodgy roots- either way, you’re gonna look fly, so you can wave those eyebags byebye.

  • Use on any part of the body- skin, nails, hair, face…
  • Loose glitter in an easy to use perforated case
  • Easy application with PaintGlow Glitter Fix Gel
  • Compact and pocket friendly size
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • 100% Cruelty Free
  • £2.99 RRP - £3.49 - you save £0.50

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