Mosquito Selection Box

A brilliant box and it has to be as it takes the name of the Famous Mosquito.

You will be delighted with this selection which just like the Mosquito fighter bomber will rule the sky!

Contents include cones, mines, candles, fountains, multi shot cakes and light tapers.

  • 4x Sunset Party A, B, C, D (9s cake)
  • 1x Dragonfly (fountain)
  • 1x Spinning Razor Wheel
  • 2x Thundering Canyon (100s barrage)
  • 3x Fireflake A, B, C (fountain)
  • 3x Earth Buster A, B, C (shot tube)
  • 2x Firefly A, B (fountain)
  • 1x Soaring Skybolts (roman candle)
  • 1x Fireball 5 (roman candle)
  • 3x Crackling Cascade A, B, C (fountain)
  • 4x Xploding Arrow A, B (rocket)
  • 1x Sky Flash (100s cake)
  • 3x Vesuvius Viper A, B, C (cone)
  • 1x Stinging Bees (fountain)
  • 1x Meteorite Shower (cone)
  • 1x Taper
  • £75.00

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